Rocksmith 2014 Review-Does Rocksmith 2014 Work?

January 14th, 2017|

Rocksmith 2014 could be classified as a hybrid between a video game and a virtual guitar learning software.  It functions in a very similar style as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but it requires a real guitar instead of a video game controller.  For this reason, it can also be leveraged into a guitar teaching program.  So is it worth it?  This Rocksmith 2014 review will provide some answers.   […]

Create Rocksmith CDLC-Guide 1: Download & Setup

April 2nd, 2016|

Learn How to Create Rocksmith CDLC for the 2014 PC Version

Welcome to my guide for How to Create Rocksmith CDLC for the 2014 PC version.  This is part one of the overall guide, which […]

How to Fix Rocksmith Custom DLC Problems

March 10th, 2016|

If you followed my guide for How to Get Rocksmith 2014 Custom Songs (PC), but you still aren’t having any luck, then don’t panic. This guide will show you some common problems encountered when trying to import Rocksmith custom DLC, and how to solve them. […]

How to Get Rocksmith Custom Songs (PC)

March 10th, 2016|

So you bought, or you are thinking of buying Rocksmith 2014 for your PC, but you aren’t satisfied with the track list? Don’t worry; you can import Rocksmith custom songs for Free! […]